Runner Sails - Production and Sail Service - Sławomir Rogala is a company which makes and repairs sails. Our scope of activity covers sail production beginning with Optimist class sails to square rig for the biggest sailing vessels in the world. To our most spectacular assignments belong e.g. making sails for the sailing vessels: "Kruzensztern", "Sedov", "Fryderyk Chopin" and "Francesco Petrarca".

One of the biggest sailing vessels in the world, has 34 sails of the total sail area of 3,400 m2. Built in 1926 by a German shipyard J.C.Tecklenborg, after Second World War it sailed under the Soviet flag and has remained there as a training yacht of the Ministry of Sea Fishery. Steel four mast barque, length: 115 m, hight: 55 m, width: 14 m.

One of the biggest sailing vessels in the world (length: 122.3 m, height: 53.5 m, width: 14.2 m) built in Germany in 1921 by Krupp shipyard, can carry over 190 people on board. The total sail area exceeds 4190 m2. The current shipowner of "Siedowa" is the Kaliningrad Marine College.

Francesco Petrarca
The history of Francesco Petrarkagoes back to the 1930s. This classical, three-mast schooner can carry ten crew members and ten passengers on its 150 m2deck. Renovated and modernised, it now sails through the seas as an exclusive hotel to be rented at the price of approximately $50,000 per week.

Fryderyk Chopin
Built in 1990 in Dora shipyard in Gdańsk and designed by a Polish naval constructor Zygmunt Choreń (e.g. "Dar Młodzieży", "Iskra") brig "Fryderyk Chopin" is the fastest sail vessel in its class in Poland. A steel vessel powered with two motors 293 hp each, may carry 56 crew members on board. Currently, which is since 24th April 1996, it is owned by Kredyt Bank S.A. After a two year break caused by overhaul of the vessel and problems with the shipowner, „Fryderyk Chopin” has returned to active service. Dimensions - length: 55,5 m, height: 36,2 m, width: 8,5 m, total sail area: 1200 m2.

We also perform other works related to production of yacht accessories, such as: canopies, covers, trampolines, banners etc.